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The UConn Law campus is not only breathtaking, it is perfectly situated to serve as a gateway to Connecticut’s legal community and to legal hubs throughout the Northeast.

  • UConn Law has its own campus separate from the undergraduate campus in Storrs and consisting of five Collegiate Gothic buildings in Hartford’s historic West End.
  • UConn Law is an integral part of Connecticut's capital city, with deep connections to the state courts, legislature and government agencies, as well as Hartford's corporations, law firms and civic organizations.
  • For students interested in breaking into a larger legal market, our central location between Boston (1.5 hours away) and New York (2 hours away) provides ease of access and many opportunities to engage with these legal communities—all while enjoying Hartford’s lower cost of living!

When I first came to campus, I was very much in awe of the beauty of the architecture of the law school.

Everyone always says this campus looks like Hogwarts, which is true. It's a really, really beautiful campus. This is a very antique and traditional campus, which is something that I wanted for law school, which was very exciting.

Fun fact-- our buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Campus is divided into beautiful old stone buildings previously used by the seminary, which moved next door. But for me, it feels like the exact right place to study the law, and feels protective, and safe, and yet is 10 minutes from downtown Hartford.

There is a lot to do outside of Hartford as well. There's beaches. There's mountains. There's everything you could need within that area. That's just a car-drive away, which is a really great place. You have the city, but you also have a lot of opportunities elsewhere.

Some nearby cities that are really close are New York City and Boston. Particularly, it's nice to have those cities nearby, especially for students who want to get a break in a larger market. It's really easy for them to access bar associations in those larger cities.

The legal community in Connecticut is really close. I was very lucky to partner with the career development program, and they were able to help me get a great internship for the summer in Connecticut. So there is more than enough opportunity within the legal community.