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The heart of UConn Law is our student body. Our community is a collegial one where all voices are valued and each student’s health and wellness are a top priority. Some of our community’s priorities include:

  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion: The student-run Diversity Alliance hosts an annual weeklong celebration to embrace our differences and share our unique stories while our faculty and staff are deeply engaged in ensuring that our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion continues.
  • A proactive approach to student mental health and overall wellness: Each incoming student meets at least once with our on-campus mental health counselor at the start of the first year. Frequent wellness programming and resources reinforce these initial meetings.
  • More than 45 student-run organizations and four journals: Participation in these organizations and their on-campus activities builds camaraderie and strong networks among students across all class years.  

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I would describe the atmosphere at UConn Law as collegiate, as supportive, and as challenging.

The atmosphere is a lot different than most law school campuses. I know when I was originally touring law schools they were very competitive. And that's one of the first things they say here is, yes, we're a competitive school, but we don't have a competitive atmosphere. And you kind of take that as a joke because it's law school, but it's really true.

Mental health is taken seriously here. We've had a mental health counselor on this campus who has been really involved with the students on campus. We have a meditation room. And I believe we just opened up a space in our one-stop office where students can come and de-stress.

Getting involved on campus is too easy almost. There's so many organizations here. We have career fairs. We have involvement fairs. And being a part of an organization is as easy as showing up to a meeting.

Getting involved on campus as an evening student is possible. And, yes, I participate in it. It is a little more difficult because a lot of the events are tailored during business hours during the day, which makes sense when you think about it, but there are many opportunities for the evening students.

UConn has a lot of diversity. We have diversity in our clubs. We actually have a really exciting diversity committee, which a lot of students have a part of. But also in classes you can see a lot of diversity and within academics, within sciences, and within interdisciplinary studies, which is really exciting.

Diversity Week is a lot of fun. It's probably our most well attended slate of events throughout the entire year. And basically it's trying to celebrate all the different identities that people have on campus and show everyone that our differences aren't something we should be afraid of but something we should celebrate.

I like Diversity Week because it takes people from different backgrounds and experiences and tries to connect them to some of the things that they would have never thought about before.

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